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The water bearer born on this day projects an alluring magnetism that is hard to resist and impossible to define. Your complex, contradictory personality tends to mystify most people, yet they find themselves drawn to you as if by magic. Although outwardly gregrarious and genuinely helpful, you posses a contemplative inner core that demands periods of privacy and solitude. You are an innovative, independent thinker with an otherworldly demeanor and a strikingly original way of looking at things.

Your gentle heart and sensitive, impressionable nature make you a crusader for social causes. Because you identify with people and their problems, you long to help them improve their lives. Your scholarly command of language and talent for communicating your unique insights help you convince others to join you in your humanitarian concerns.

Although your solutions to the world’s troubles are a rather oddball mixture of logical, scientific ideas and metaphysical principles, they can be surprisingly effective. In close relationships, you waver between romantic idealism and rational Aquarian detachment. You make a wonderfully loyal friend, but in an intimate union you feel exposed and vulnerable. You want to be involved, yet you’re deathly afraid of losing your independence.

Aquarians are individuals who hate conformity and resent any authority other than their own. As as Aquarian, your most outstanding characteristics are idealism, progressive ideas, and humanitarian principles. As a member of an air sign, you’re more at home in the realm of ideas than feelings. Emotions frighten you, and at times you can come off as a really cool customer. Nevertheless, you truly care about people and will lie awake nights worrying about the future of mankind.

More than anything, you need a missions in life, and you often dream of reaching out to help the world solve its problems. However, you see things from a different perspective than the natives of other signs, and you tend to come up with original solutions that other people other odd or eccentric.A trend spotter, you are prophet of progess and innovation. You’re always a little ahead of everyone else when it comes to accepting new ideas and technology.

Although you’re open-minded, Aquarius is fixed sign, and once your mind is made up, you can be quite stubborn and inflexible. And while some members of your sign are eccentric by nature, others actively cultivate eccentricity as a lifestyle. You love to shock and may go to considerable lengths to get a rise out of people.

The typical number seven is a truth-seeking intellectual with a decided knack for sizing up any situation in the blink of an eye. You have a deep reservoir of wisdom, a vivid imagination, and possibly clairvoyant or psychic abilities. Your insight and intuition work hand in hand with your analytical mind to tie data together. Musical, poetic, and artistic ability is quite common among those with this vibration, and you could be skilled in handicrafts, writing, dancing, or painting.

Other people may regard you as a genuine mystery, because your somewhat solitary nature is much given to private contemplation. Seven is a spiritual number, and you could be deeply religious or interested in various aspects of mysticism and the occult. Although some sevens are drawn to traditional religions, other prefer alternative spiritual movements. Occasionally sevens create religions of their own based on their unorthodox mystical beliefs.

If your root number is seven, you are extremely curious and willing to experiment outside the mainstream when it suits your purpose. Intimate relationships, however, can be difficult for you. You function best in an individiual capacity where you are the authority in your own realm. Because you breathe rarefied air of a visionary, you may feel misunderstood and unappreciated.

You need to a find a partner who understands your moodiness and desire for periods of solitude. You’re actually happiest on your own or with someone who’s tunded in to your wavelength.

Aquarians born on February 7 are private people. They need to express strong opinions but do so in a gracious and nonthreatening way. Others may sense that they have a private agenda they are not willing to share. Although this may be the case, their great personal charm and sweetness make them popular.

Friends and Lovers

People born on February 7 have a secret side they only show to those closest to them. They have integrity and place their friends on the same level as family. They may be slow to commit to love, but once they do, the relationship takes on a spiritual significance. They are not traditionally romantic; they dislike sentimentality.

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